Leave the Sharpie at home.

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Bring your live performance into the digital age with Setlists. You don’t have to scratch out a quick list of tunes or bits five minutes before showtime on cocktail napkins, or print out sets at home for every gig. Setlists lets you create and display collections in any order you like with just a few taps. And everyone on stage who has an iOS device can share the same lists with you.

Setlists is also the ultimate iOS app for prompting song lyrics. Tap on any song in your set to see your lyrics displayed, one verse, chorus, or bridge at a time. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting the next line again.

And if you're a standup comedian, Setlists replaces your old notebooks and scraps of paper with a fully digital catalog of your written material. Arrange your bits any way you like before hitting the stage, then refer to your notes while performing.

Take requests with ease, as you can quickly search your repertoire and bring up the words in seconds. Setlists, from Bombing Brain Interactive. Leave the Sharpie at home.

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Are you using Setlists live on stage? Tell us your story, and we may feature you in our blog.

New in Version 1.3 !

Always wanting to make Setlists better, we've added a ton of most-requested features in this biggest update yet.

Dark Set Mode and Dark Split Mode

Change the Set View and the Split view to white text on a dark background, so it won't interfere with your light show.

Additional Song Data

Add more information about each of your songs, so you can be more efficient at crafting the perfect sets. Song duration, Tempo, Key Signature, Tags, and Notes can all be added to each song.

Now, when you begin selecting songs for a set, Setlists will automatically add up the durations, so you know how much time you need to add or cut. You can also see the duration of all your sets at a glance in the Set Chooser.

View your custom song notes in Split View while performing.

Sort your Song Catalog by Song Title, Artist, Duration, Tempo, or Key Signature.

Single Page Mode

Show the lyrics to the entire song onscreen at once. This mode will ignore the page breaks in your song and shrink the font to fit it all into view.


Justify your lyrics left, right, or center as you see fit.

Edit With Song Font

If you like to use a different font for prompting your lyrics, you can now use that same font in the song editor, too. If you like a mono-spaced font, for instance, to add chord changes to your lyric sheets, this will help you line them up in edit mode.

And there's still more to come in the future. We're hearing your requests and working hard to make Setlists better suited to your needs. Keep the suggestions coming.

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Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

Setlists is a Universal iOS app, which brings support to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, all within the same application. If you've purchased Setlists, you get this functionality on your devices at no additional cost. All Jam session features work between all iOS devices, so iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches can all participate in the same connected session on stage. So no matter which iOS device your band members use, they can all get the lyric and set information broadcast to them live.

iPhone Set View

Unlimited Setlists

Arrange your songs into sets and display them full screen during live performance. Rearrange quickly and easily with just a few taps, so those last-minute set changes won’t ever cause you problems again.

Song catalog

Add lyrics for all your songs and place them into the song catalog. Search the catalog for the song you like, then either add it to a set, or begin prompting the lyrics immediately full screen with a tap.

Several ways to add your lyrics

You can type in your lyrics via the keyboard, cut and paste them from any text program, grab plain text files from your Dropbox or Google Docs account, or even search the web for lyrics directly within Setlists. Regardless, you’ll have all the lyrics you need in no time.

Using Setlists Live

Prompt your lyrics your way

Setlists gives you complete control over your lyric prompting. Choose the font, size, justification, background color, and text color. Decide whether you want to see the artist name and song title on each screen. If you use a teleprompt mirror device, you can reverse the text display as well.

Save time with default settings

You can save your font, size, and color choices as a default, and then apply those same settings to any other song with a single tap.

Create your own page breaks

Split your lyrics by verse/chorus/bridge, or any way you choose. Setlists will break up your lyrics automatically wherever it detects a blank line. You decide where Setlists breaks up the text, so you can see as many or as few of the upcoming lines as you like. Advance to the next part of the song with a simple swipe. Or, choose Single Page mode, and the entire song's lyrics will fit to the screen at once.

iPad Song Edit Mode

Send sets to other band members via email

Want to see if your bandmates approve of your song choices? Send an email with a PDF attachment of your set, so everyone in the group can offer feedback and be ready for the gig.

Print your sets right from your device

Choose a paper size, resize the font, and print right from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to your wireless printer, so those in the band who don't have an iOS devive can get a paper copy.

Duplicate sets

Want to create a set for tonight's gig that's very similar to one you played last week? Duplicate the set from last week and use it as a template for your new set.

AirTurn foot pedal support

With the BT-105 foot pedals (sold separately), you can quickly advance to the next verse or chorus hands-free. Perfect for instrumentalists who don’t always have a free hand for swiping.

iPad Tools Menu
iPad with AirTurn Pedals

Keep the whole band in sync

Designate one band member, or a stage hand, as the official lyric and setlist prompter, then let that person control everyone’s setlist and lyric prompting. With the Jam Session feature, as he or she advances to the next part of the song, everyone in the band gets an updated display. If a band member would prefer to see the upcoming songs list instead of the current lyrics, he or she can switch with a simple gesture. Prompt the current set full screen on everyone’s iPad at once, so everyone is always in sync.

Great for Comedians, too

The iPhone or iPod touch make a great reference tool on stage for comedians. When you're working out new material, Setlists makes it easy to keep track of all your new bits and get to them fast on stage. Plus, since you always have your phone with you, Setlists makes it easy to capture great new ideas and pop them into your catalog for future refining. Never lose that great idea to a scrap of paper put in the wrong pocket again.

Ready for the Retina Display

All of the graphics in Setlists are enhanced for the Retina Display. So everything will look as sharp and crisp as possible at full resolution. Of course, if you have a non-Retina screen, everything will look just fine there as well.

Setlists being used Live

All song titles and lyrics reproduced with kind permission from 7's Fears. Setlists is intended to be used with lyrics for songs you have a right to use. Please respect the copyright of others' artistic creations.

Setlists requires an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later. Jam Session feature requires each joining device to have a copy of Setlists installed in order to participate.